Thursday, May 15, 2008

Congratulations Californians!

California has made marriage equal.
I hope the other 48 states will soon follow suit. Thank you Mass for setting the tone.

I was surprised to see so many states that had constitutional amendments barring "same sex marriage," including my home state of Colorado. I thought they were more enlightened than that, as a whole.

OK, dear readers (though I guess that's just me at this point), I have a confession to make. Before I left the beautiful state of Colorado to go off to college in 1994, I made a bad choice on a ballot. I voted for the ban on same sex marriage (prop 2?). I bought into the "special rights" argument. Looking back, I can't figure why I thought that was reasonable, but there it is. Hell, I even labeled myself as a libertarian at the time! A libertarian, voting against civil liberties? How the hell did I make that work in my head?

Well, I've learned and grown. I'm sorry for that vote I cast. I have made gay and lesbian friends that I can't live without. One friend still lives in Colorado and, though we don't talk as often as we should, it breaks my heart that her marriage (from another state) is not recognized in her home state. It's against the law, according to the state constitution, that she married the person she loves, simply because they were both born female.

L., C, (I'm not going to use your names out of respect for your privacy) if you ever come across this post, I'm sorry for that vote, and I promise to remember what equality really means from now on.


Anonymous said...

we all do stupid shit when we're young.

hell, I voted for Reagan for a second term when I was 18.


Lab Boy said...

I know how you feel. I voted for W for his 1st term (not the second, I can learn!).

I have learned to look at things a little more closely.

(And thanks for the first comment ever on my little blog here. You win the something.)

Anonymous said...

You win the something.


I'll add it to my Molly.


Anonymous said...

...oh, and good luck with your blog!