Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Florida Weirdness

Hiaasen was right.  I officially live in a really weird fuckin' state.

A substitute teacher was fired over a magic trick.  Turns out he's a wiccan and he was fired for "Wizardry".  Cue scary music.  Was he Dumbledore or Voldemort?  More here.  

Florida has also managed to make illegal "Truck Nutz."  You know, those bull testicle facsimiles that poorly endowed gentlemen hang off the trailer hitches of their ginormous vehicles? They're gone.  Heaven forfend that someone might get the vapors over seeing a representation of a reproductive gland made of plastic hanging from the back of a truck of the people all those V!@gr@ spams are aimed at.

There is more, but I need a beer to get the taste of stupid out of my mouth.

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