Sunday, May 25, 2008

Suburban Wildlife 1

Every now and then, nature makes itself seen, even in one of the most built-out counties in Florida, Pinellas. Here I begin a photo series, mostly taken by yours truly, of wildlife in our suburban area.

Here I begin with the obligatory charismatic megafauna. This little fella (little, heh, he's about a foot tall) is our neighborhood Red Tailed Hawk, perched in our neighbor's Flamboyant tree (click for the big version). This was taken a few months ago, just before the tree put out its leaves. You can see the neighbor's main power line crossing behind him.

Before we ever saw him, we had some good idea that there was a fast predatory bird in the 'hood. Every now and then we would see a streak across the sky and a Ring Necked dove would vanish from a power line, leaving behind nothing but a cloud of feathers, just like in the cartoons.

We have seen him a few other times, and if I ever manage to get a proper portrait, I'll be sure to post it here.

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