Friday, June 27, 2008

Did I mention that I'm psychic?

I have a prediction to lay upon y'all (all 1 of my readers, including myself).

I predict that some time in the first few month of 2009:
someone will forget to use the new year on a personal check,
someone will lose their keys.
someone will be unable to find the gift receipt to return the horrible thing that was given to them for the holidays,
someone will state that the commercials during the Super Bowl were the best part of the game,
And someone will sue the state of Louisiana with an establishment clause violation.

Governor Jindal, LA, signed into law the "academic freedom" bill, covered in the Times Picayune. Oft attempted by other states, including my current home of Florida (which died due to lack of time, not interest), these bills are nothing more that an attempt by the Religious Wrong to insert their faith into the public school system. When some misguided teacher attempts to "teach the controversy" about the "strengths and weaknesses" of the theory of evolution, there will be a court battle. The state will lose. They may win initially, depending on the specifics of how the case is set up but eventually they will find out that their legislation in this area is unconstitutional. It will cost them mucho dinero.

The crystal ball grows fuzzy...


James said...

I'm sitting in a restaurant at DIA watching a, um--what's the PC term again--little person talk ok the biggest handsfree headset I have ever seen. Seriously, this thing is like a 70s set of over-the-ears headphones with a tiny little mic on the cord. It's a little surreal.

Anyway, I'm off to France for three weeks. I hope everything is good with you. I was going to send an email, but I figured you'd get a kick put of knowing that someone is reading your blog. Take care and I'll talk to you soon.


Lab Boy said...

Heh, thanks for the comment, James.

Enjoy your time in France, I'll open the old IM thing from time to time to see if you're there. Say hi to la femme for me. (It's one of those hyphenated names I can never remember.)