Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

It's the 4th, America's Independence Day. That's good reason to celebrate, and I'll be enjoying the day and watching the fireworks come the evening. So: re-read the Declaration of Independence, and Happy 4th to all!


brokenSoldier said...

Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my blog - it led me here, and though I am often in over my head when it comes to the detailed discussions of some of the science, I genuinely like reading what you have to say. And on a different note, I saw Neil DeGrasse Tyson's book on your reading list of stuff you might get to - I recommend it very highly!

Lab Boy said...

Thanks, likewise.

I just finished Tyson's book, and I agree with you. It was a very good read. I'd write about it, but my knowledge about cosmic science is rather... limited.