Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Cruise 0.5

I packed up the truck this morning and set off for adventure on the high seas. Action packers full of supplies were stowed, along with a cooler full of micro media and a liquid nitrogen dewar. Water, check. Road food, check. Am I caffeinated enough? CCHHEECCKK! So it's time to go. I bid farewell to my PI (henceforth "PI") and Lab Goddess* (henceforth "LG")

LG's reply: "Have fun storming the castle!"

I instinctivly reply: "Do you think it'll work?"

LG: "It'll take a miracle. Buh-bye!" (Link for those who didn't get the ref.)

Well, I made it to the destination and I load up and board the ship in the morning. I met the Big Boss (henceforth BB. This is the science BB, not the Captain of the vessel, who will be called "the Captain") of the cruise and most of the other crew (scientific and ship crew) for dinner and I really hope I learn all the names quickly. There must be almost 40 people on this leg, with scientists and ship crew. I hope my swiss cheese brain can keep up.

Maybe I'll find the four white horses at the end.

*anyone who has ever had a really good lab manager to work with knows why I chose that title.


Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon! LG here (thank you for that, btw). Big science happening out there?

Lab Boy said...

Oh, yeah! Lots of Big Science happening. It doesn't leave much time for posting, but I'll try to get more up.