Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Cruise 1

Well, we left on time and the cruise is well under way.
I'm on the night shift, 7p to 7a.

So, here's a basic day for YHN aboard the ship.
1700: wake up, see if I have samples to process, consume much coffee, process samples
1900: shift begins. So far it's been plankton tows, Tucker trawls and/or CTD casts.
0700: shift ends.
0730: finished with end of shift stuff, scarf breakfast.
0800:take care of laundry (it's been raining for most of the deck work, and glorious when I'm asleep), data processing, quick emails to SO, PI and family and other misc stuff. (cruise axiom: Dry shorts are good for morale. Dry shoes are a pipe dream.)
0900: sleep

Notice anything missing?

Yeah, blogging.

I'll keep trying, if I have time.


James said...

What? I week after the election and no post about Obama yet? I'm shocked! :-)


Lab Boy said...

The next post is for you.