Monday, November 17, 2008

Happiness is a Bubbling Brew

This is the first beer batch I have made in a while. We have a friend who is hosting a Winter Feast, and I, somewhat brashly, mentioned that I could make a batch of beer. It's a bit of a potluck, and I couldn't think of anything that I could bring that would fit the medieval theme, aside from beer. So last night the SO and I cooked up a nice batch of the beer that has been dubbed (by the SO and I) "Better than Fruitcake". It has some nice spiced character, with a hint of citrus and a fruity aroma, reminding us of the scent of fruitcake, but it's beer. And it tastes good. Hence "Better than Fruitcake".

If you email me and ask really nicely, I may share the recipe. But I'll probably keep it to myself so that people have a reason to invite me to parties.

{EDIT: I changed the video to the one I uploaded to Youtube so that my friends with iPhones and the like can view it.}


James said...

Man. Too bad I'm not in FL to try some of that concoction out--though maybe if you were going for a medieval theme, maybe mead would have been more appropriate. Although beer does have the advantage of not tasting like crap.


Lab Boy said...

I'll try to save you a bottle. The last batch we made was pretty good, especially on a cold night.

The other problem with mead (beside tasting like crap) is that it can take a year to age in the bottle so that it tastes slightly less like crap. I don't have that kind of time! I needs my hooch!

Pam said...

I'd love one! Except I'm a bit far away. Over Thanksgiving - in Virginia, my uncle brought my brother a beer each of his most recent batch. It was quite good.

I like your Thanksgiving poem!

Lab Boy said...

Next time you're in town I'll have a home brew in the fridge for ya. I figure a microbiologist works for their cultures all day long, the cultures should work for us a bit, too. It's only fair, right?

Thanks re: the thanksgiving poem. I was feeling a bit silly, so I thought I'd try a bit of verse. It gives one a better appreciation for the real poets out there.