Sunday, November 23, 2008

Open Letter to Fox Sports

To whom it may concern,
I appreciate your football coverage on the whole. You employ a good number of fine play-by-play people and occasionally get an interesting on-the-field interview. Likewise, your half-time show is usually good, too.

However, there is something that has been bugging me. It used to be a minor annoyance, but has been growing in annoyance factor to the point that I must say something.

Why so many f#&@*@g digital graphics? Spinning crap growing into display boards, wooshing swooshy things to wipe the screen, team logos spinning for no apparent reason. Are these things necessary? They add nothing other than flashy crap that only tells me you have a nice computer system to create this meaningless, distracting, content-free junk. That dancing, guitar playing, Burger King hawking, terminator wannabe robot must die. Remember to take all of the goddamn chips and severed arms and throw them into the molten steel with it!

And get off my lawn you damn kids!

Lab Boy

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