Monday, March 30, 2009

JREF youtube account suspended.

Dammit, youtube! You've pissed me off! You let VenomfangX fuck with Thunderf00t, you let the votebots fuck with everyone, you let flaggingbots screw shit up, and now you kicked Granddad in the nuts.

Let me explain a bit. James Randi is my skeptical Granddad. Phil Plait (currently blogging at Discover Magazine, and current prez of JREF) would be my skeptical pop. I didn't really know about Randi until I started reading the old Bad Astronomy, but I followed the links and learned about Randi and his epic destruction of Uri Geller, and I was sold. You should really click on that last link if you don't know what I'm talking about, it's epic!

So, now, for some reason that has yet to be revealed, youtube has suspended the JREF account. Based on the prior account suspensions that I have seen, I am thinking either a DMCA violation (not bloody likely, with the JREF's carefulness) or a nasty flagging campaign.

So, if my reader happens to be a fellow skeptic and fan of the Amazing Randi, watch this vid and mirror it and spread the word.

Don't fucking kick my skeptical Granddad!

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