Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm Back.

Hey, y'all. Thanks for waiting. Life seems to be a bit more under control, now, and aside from a sliced up right ring finger (2 stitches, lost ~1/3 of the fingernail. Don't mess with rosemary, it's delicious, but it'll get you if you get distracted), all is well.

So catching up, I have a new series of posts that should start this evening on Microbes in the Kitchen.

Ella is doing very well and still comes to work with me every day. She's a great little pup and I don't understand how anyone could have let her end up in the pound.

Jake is well and wedding plans are progressing. You all may get the rare and cherished chance to see me in a kilt.

Finally, the good folks a Galileoscope need your business. If they don't get more orders, they may have to halt production, according to Phil Plait. So go buy a few scopes, some for gifts, one for yourself, and a few for donation, why not? They haven't started shipping, yet, but when I get mine, I will post a review. Until then, how about this video of the moon through one?

Catch y'all later.


Ann-Aël said...

Yeah !! You're back !

Lab Boy said...

It's good to be back. Nice to be missed, too. ;)

spurge said...

Good to see a post from you.

I hoped to see a review of the scope before I decided to buy one.

I guess I better make up my mind soon.

Lab Boy said...

Well, the Galileoscope production update says delivery will begin in mid June. I'm going in vacation in mid-late June and I hope it'll be here before then. We're going someplace with much less light pollution than here. If you can wait a few weeks, a review will be forthcoming, though I am not an astronomer, just a nerd.

But heck, it's only $15 for a telescope. That's less than an evening's bar tab, so I'll brave it.

spurge said...

It is not so much the cost as my avoidance of owning more stuff I don't really need.

If I don't think I will use it I do not need more clutter.

Lab Boy said...

You don't want more useless stuff? That's almost un-American!