Sunday, June 7, 2009

What did Ella find today?

Let's play a new game. Here is the scenario: Ella goes out in the yard and digs up something one of the previous owners left behind.

Ready? Ella, go dig something up!

What did she find?

Give up? Click this for the answer.


Ann-Aël said...

It's GI Joe !!

Ann-Aël said...

Oops... no, it wasn't !! But close !

Lab Boy said...

So close. We have a parting gift for her, don't we, Johnny?
Johnny: You bet, Mike, Ann-Aël gets the next thing Ella digs our of the yard.
But what will that be?

Who knows?

spurge said...

It looks like a KISS doll.

I can not tell for sure wich one it is.

Paul Stanely?

Lab Boy said...

I should have washed it off, but that would have made it too easy.