Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Please stand by...

We are experiencing technical difficulties.

I know I owe all of you a review if the Galileoscope and I should be posting more often, but my poor old first gen. MacBook is having some major charging issues. I have a new charger on the way that should fix the problem, but until then, I have to fiddle with and jab the damn magsafe power coupler into the computer to get it to change and then even the slightest movement will uncouple the damn thing. It's rather annoying trying to deal with an uncharged battery and a finicky charger.

Preliminary G-scope review: The quality is good, and I have used it for land based observations. Pretty decent (though upside down and backwards). As for the heavens, it doesn't work at all when the skies are cloudy. Go figure.

More soon, I hope.

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