Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I get Hate Mail

Well, I guess this means I have truly arrived on the blogging scene. I got my first bit of hate mail. This isn't like some other bloggers' hate mail, no sirree! It didn't arrive in the form of ones and zeros traipsing through the ether of cyberspace. This was a real, honest-to-goodness physical piece of mail, a post card. These senders (yes, pleural) wanted it to be personal. I don't how they got my address, but I know I need to be more careful in the future.

Here is the deceptively cheery front:

Anyone who has read my Science Scouts post knows how I feel about the dolphins. Well, it seems they feel the same way:

Fine. It's on then. I know one thing, you smiling bastards! You aren't so smart on land! Just try to take me! Come on, you know where I live!

Oh, crap. Something just occurred to me. The writing on the post card was surprisingly legible... That means... OH NO!!!

(Thanks to she who has yet to choose a 'nym. I'll call her S. for now. Maybe she'll comment?)

[Dangit! I was trying to schedule this for tomorrow, but it didn't work. Oh, well.]


Ann-Aël said...

See... I didn't get that one either !! :'(


Lab Boy said...

This one is based on an old joke amongst marine scientists. It seems like every time a member of the public finds out you're a marine scientist, they get a happy look and clap their hands and ask you if you study dolphins.

They are usually very disappointed to learn that, no, I study marine bacteria. Once this happens enough you start to hate dolphins. That's how I earned the "I became a marine scientist, but I still kinda fu**ing hate dolphins" badge in the Science Scouts post.

A friend sent me this post card "from the dolphins" to let me know they hate me too.

The Science Scouts thing is a parody of the Boy Scouts who actually earn little patches when they learn certain things or finish certain tasks, like building a camp fire or hiking 50 miles and such things.

Of course, once a joke is explained, it's not funny any more, but hopefully now you know what's going on.

spurge said...

I can't say that my time in grad school for marine biology gave me a hatred of the fins.

I did not even hate them when I was elbow deep in stinking dead ones trying to find and remove a stomach.

Since my PI was the dolphin guy at my school my lab had all the hot chicks.

I also got to swim with manatees a bunch of times.

Lab Boy said...

Well, sure. See, you were one of the 0.05% of marine scientists that ever works with dolphins. It's the rest of that have to deal with that question (delivered with anime-like glassy-eyed hopeful joy) "do you study dolphins?" and get the crushed indifference when they learn that I don't.

It's like there is nothing in the ocean except the charismatic megafauna. *shakes tiny fist*

Shelley said...

Gosh! So sorry to hear about all the apparent hate developing among the Order Cetacea. You would think they would be overjoyed to have the dumb- ass people living on the Earth's crust assume that all scientists of one specific discipline ONLY study them! Mmmmm, they've been rumored to have exceptional brains and communications skills. I wonder if a mermaid helped them write that postcard. Bitch.

Lab Boy said...

Indeed, it must have been a real bitch that wrote that.


spurge said...

At least you are still a marine biologist.

I have long since turned into a lab bound microbiologist.

Lab Boy said...

Well, I am mostly a lab bound microbiologist, too. Just everything I study comes from the sea.

Every now and then I still get into the field, though. Which is nice.