Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hello world... (Part II)

OK, I'm back. Wow has it been an eventful few months, and I apologize for the complete absence of content here.

So I am sure you're wondering what all has transpired in the intervening time since I last regaled you with content-free drivel, so here is a synopsis:

I got married.

Isn't that enough? That'll take up a month or so out of anyone's life (insert "Only a month?" joke here).

Aside from that, life in the lab has been really busy. We've got a manuscript about ready to submit, lots of samples to process and all kinds of good nerdy fun about to be had. We might even have some really cool genomics stuff in the works. I have a coral disease course coming up in August for which I am quite excited (lots of diving!) and I'll be listening to the newly discovered Skeptic's Guide to the Universe (I know, I live under a rock).

I have a couple of posts that I will be working on soon. Many will involve pictures from our wedding, which was fantastic and brought together by the hard work of our cherished friends. I promise lots of pictures. Mrs. LabBoy's brother filled our hard drive with professional-quality photos (thanks, Tom!) and we have all kinds of shots from our guests as well.

I also have planned a few gardening posts, such as how to make your own Earth Box inspired self-watering containers.

There will also be more in the "Microbes in the Kitchen" series. We've got some great bread recipes to share as well as cheese, vinegar and BEER! Love those bugs and they'll treat you with Good Eats (don't sue me Alton!).

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