Sunday, April 17, 2011


We had to say goodbye to an old friend yesterday. Our cat, Galileo was hit by a car and suffered a shattered pelvis. At 16 years old, it's not an injury he could have recovered from, even as stubborn and cantankerous as he was.

My wife raised him from kittenhood. When she saw him in a pet store and he locked eyes with her and yowled until he convinced her that she needed to meet him. She took him out to play, and, after a few minutes tussle, he had her in an arm bar with her credit card between his teeth at the checkout counter. He had her wrapped around his (very loud and insistent) paw from that moment on.

I met him about 8 years ago. He, thankfully, wasn't in fighting shape by then and only managed to get me into submission with incessant yelling. He was the loudest cat I have ever met, and I include the Jaguar I met at the Denver Zoo. Despite my grumbling at his (very loud (notice a theme?)) insistence that it was time to go out at 4AM, I grew to love him, too.

His golden years were spent yelling and going between whatever laps would present themselves and yelling. He was also my football-watching buddy during the right season. I tried to convince him that the Bucs were the right team, but, naturally he decided to root for Jacksonville. Oh well.

I'll miss you, G-man.


Victoria said...

I just stumbled upon your blog. Sorry to hear about Galileo. He looks just like our cat Cat now aged about 14 or so.

Kris said...

Poor kitty, I loved his name.

Lab Boy said...

Thank you both.
Victoria, I hope your master has many more healthy years.
Kris, he was named for his fondness for tossing random things off the counter, just to see if they still fell at the same rate. They always hit the terrazzo and broke at the same time.

Coastal Yarns said...

HI there--- I too just found your blog. When I read about your lovley Galileo, I felt so sad. I love black cats but the two we had both got run over. They were both males and unfortunatly they were too brave for their own good. We lost toby at barely a year old and Raja at three. I will never forget their love of life; the joy they brought us. It seems male cats (even though they are fixed) love to roam. Indeed, Raja was well known in the neighbourhood' causing harmless havoc (is that possible?) When he got run over many people missed him. His siter jasmine was watching. The sad thing is that Raja used to follow my partner to the shops. He even tried to get on the bus one day, mush to the amusement of the passengers.
Jasmine has tended to stay well clear of the road.
I am glad you had your wonderful pussy for 16 years. Jasmine looks just like her.
For us there is a new adition in our house-----Perdy a very naughty Jack Russell Puppy. What a shock to the household. Indeed jasmine ( she's a clever girl) sent us a Xmas card saying that 'either the dog goes or I do.'
Well, it hasnt quite arrived at that state, but she does tend to visit out neighbour alot more now. She could be callled a 'sharred cat.' We don't mind because we are at work all day and she always comes back for her meals and to sleep on the bed.
Perdy is not alowed in the bedroomp---- thats is Queen jasmine's domain.
Life has changed hughely since Perdy arrived----as a complete surprise for me. I make no secret of the fact that I am a large guy. My partner brought her so that I would walk. Just check out my blog and you will see that she has introduced me to a whole new group of friends. It just has to be good for my heaslth, because I can no longer arrive home from wwork and just sit, eat and watch TV. Now, I walk everyday after work or face a evening of hell---- yes, Perdy destroys the furniture if i neglect her walk. Chcek out my website, because I have included some funny doggie stories in my first book.
I shall follow your blog from now on.
I hope you get another cat (or two. I love my animals--- I diodn't know I had it in me. All the best

ohlalajepenseatoi said...

Awww how cute!
Poor kitty cat!

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Juliet said...

soooooo cutttee!!!!